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  • Useful resources – SQL Server Advisor & LostInTechnology December 22, 2010 misterjaytee

    It’s not often that I blog about other websites, but two that I’ve come across this week are worthy of mention.

    The most useful of which is Microsoft SQL Server Advisor – whilst browsing around trying to learn some new skills on SQL Server, I found this website which has so many useful scripts and advice on SQL Server. It’s a shame that it doesn’t appear to have had an update since June 2009, nevertheless it is a useful archive of information on Microsoft SQL Server.

    The second website of mention is LostInTechnology, which I came across by accident when looking for a decent Android App Manager. There’s a variety of tidbits which make useful reading, and the site is regularly updated with new articles. A shame about all the adverts though!

  • Errors Updating WordPress September 11, 2010 misterjaytee

    It seems that many people out there are having problems automatically updating WordPress and they are getting the following error:

    Could not copy file.: /public_html/x/wp-admin/css/

    After trying several (probably all) of the suggestions for automatically upgrading from the WordPress Support Forums, I eventually had to resort to a manual upgrade – documented at Updating WordPress « WordPress Codex.

    As my host runs CPanel, I changed the way I did the upgrade slightly, so just in case there are others out there with the same predicament, here are the steps I followed:

    Before we start, read the Instructions on “Take a Backup” in the updating WordPress link above. If your upgrade goes wrong and you haven’t taken any backups, then the liability is all yours 🙂

    1. Download the upgrade file from WordPress (v3.0.1 file is here –
    2. Open up the File Manager under CPanel and navigate to your WordPress folder (e.g. /public_html/mywebsite)
    3. Rename the wp_includes and wp_admin folders (e.g. to wp_includes-old, wp_admin-old)
    4. Navigate to the wp-content/upgrade folder
    5. Delete any folders here (there may be a remnant of the failed automatic upgrade called wordpress3-tmp or similar)
    6. Upload the file you just downloaded in step 1 (e.g.
    7. Right-click the file under CPanel’s File Manager and choose the option to Extract
    8. The Extract will have created a folder called “wordpress” – Navigate to this folder
    9. Now Select all the files (hint – in CPanel’s File Manager, there is a button called “Select All”)
    10. Copy (right-click and select Copy) the files to your WordPress folder (e.g. /public_html/mywebsite)
    11. Navigate to your WordPress folder (e.g. /public_html/mywebsite) – If you have a file called .maintenance, then delete it
    12. Login to your WordPress site’s Admin panel – if the upgrade has worked, then you will have a message that your WordPress has been upgraded and your database now needs to be upgraded – click the button and wait for WordPress to upgrade your database
    13. Check out your upgraded WordPress blog and make sure it’s all working
    14. When you’re happy it’s all working, delete the wp_includes_old and wp_admin_old folders
    15. As an additional step, you might want to delete the contents of the upgrade folder

    Voila! The work is done. And with any luck, next time you upgrade, you’ll be able to upgrade WordPress automatically.

    If you have this problem and you need to manually upgrade, then Good Luck!

  • Lazy Blogging? September 10, 2010 misterjaytee

    It’s been a while since I posted anything, mostly due to job hunting, partly due to apathy and the lack of much to write about.

    Having said that, I do come across interesting articles, software, etc from time to time and then go about using them – but I don’t ever find the time to share my experiences of them. Hopefully that’s where ScribeFire comes in – once installed and configured, it’s relatively easy to post about the pages you’re visiting.

    In fact it’s as simple as clicking a button, or pressing F8 and then typing away straight from your Browser (e.g. Firefox) without having to go to your Blog (e.g. WordPress), login to the admin panel, create a new post etc. Not that this is difficult to do, but removing 3-4 steps in the posting process might just remove some of the apathy towards blogging.

    Time will tell…

    ScribeFire: Fire up your blogging

  • Job Site Links November 1, 2009 misterjaytee

    Some links to Job Sites that I registered with in my recent search for employment:

    • Adecco – Not impressed – only use if you are after temp work
    • CV Library
    • CV Trumpet – Avoid (unless you want to give money to a website that introduces you to recruiters and you want to regularly receive requests for your money via email)
    • CW Jobs – A subsidiary of TopJobs, focussed on IT jobs
    • Experteer – Avoid (unless you want to give money to a website that introduces you to recruiters and you want to regularly receive requests for your money via email)
    • Finlay James Associates – Sales related jobs
    • – Job site for jobs in Worcester, Gloucester, Hereford, Birmingham, Telford, Nottingham, Leicester, Warwick, Coventry, Stafford, Newark
    • jobsite – One of the top five job related websites in the UK – good for IT vacancies
    • Leap29
    • Monarch Recruitment
    • Monster – UK site for – probably the main jobs website used by candidates and agencies
    • Reed – Good website for Temp and Part-time jobs. Also good for lower salaried jobs for those at the start of their careers.
    • Robson Taylor – Good agency for Sales related jobs (including Pre-Sales)
    • Telegraph Jobs – Job site run by The Telegraph newspaper
    • – One of the top five job related websites in the UK – good for IT vacancies

    And here’s some Civil Engineering / Construction related sites that I hunted down for an acquaintance:

  • URL Shortening April 4, 2009 misterjaytee

    Just thought I’d share with you a review of URL Shortening services (ones like TinyURL). Interesting article on lots of services, with some opinion on which ones to use or things to look out for. Apparently, one of the newest ones,, manages to put some pop-under ads in there, which is a bit underhand to say the least.
    These services are good if you’re into Twitter with the restricted 140 characters leaving little room if you’re posting a link with a long URL.

    Anyway – the article is here – search engine land – url shortening analysis.

    I signed up for, which is an interesting service in that, if you register (rather than just anonymously create shortened URLs), it allows you to track how many people have clicked the link and gives you a clue as to where they came from (geo location as well as referrer).

    Within 10 minutes of making a post on twitter about my Haganah seminar, it showed 21 people had clicked the shortened link – only 3 were from the UK 🙂

    You can also customise the link as well, so you don’t need to have the totally random characters of some other services (e.g. for the Haganah article mentioned above). The link for is 😎


  • VloodyCloody Radio March 17, 2009 misterjaytee

    Don’t forget you can get some cracking chooonns on VC Radio here

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