• Glastonbury 2009 Weather Check March 26, 2009 misterjaytee

  • Gallery added March 24, 2009 misterjaytee

    Okay, just setup a nifty plugin to add a gallery to these pages. Now just got to work out how to incorporate it into the site (should be easy enough, but no time left this morning 🙂 ) …

    …in the meantime, have a look at some piccies…

  • Tent up! March 22, 2009 misterjaytee

    Okay, we spent some of today putting up our tent for Glastonbury. Some witty banter between the 3 of us kept things going along nicely and the 6 man tent went up within an hour.

    We then spent an hour, after putting the tent away, googling for inflatables ready for the Wacky Races!

    We are in proper festival mood now and can’t wait until June 🙂

  • VloodyCloody Radio March 17, 2009 misterjaytee

    Don’t forget you can get some cracking chooonns on VC Radio here


Or at least one’s I’ve been to or planning to go to…

…So I went to Glastonbury for the first time for my 40th Birthday a few years ago. I’ve now been four times and have camped with a load of people from some Internet Forums for the last three years:




Check out the radio from Glasto.biz (also known as VC Radio) VC Radio.

Me and my daughter have also been to Bearded Theory when we were subjected to a Tornado in 2009 (scary stuff).

This year I’ll probably have a break, but you should never say never 😉

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