Karate – Pre-Dan Grading Seminar

Now I’m on my last belt before going for Black Belt, after handing in my Black Belt Essay (500 words on what it would mean to be a Black Belt), I attended a seminar with other Black-Belt hopefuls. We now have four weeks to prepare for probably the longest 6-8 Hours of our lives.

Black Belt grading day is on 21st November 2009, and will consist of a few hours of showing technique, both in lines and individually, a couple of hours of partner work (defence, pad work etc.) and finishing off with some kind of challenge for the last hour.

In some ways I’m looking forward to this, as it’s a culmination of what I’ve been working towards for the last couple of years, but it is still a huge challenge for someone of my age and build. And somehow I’ve got to fit in extra training for the next four weeks along with starting a new job.

Even if I pass my Black-Belt Grading, it’s akin to passing your driving test – you’ve spent years learning the basics and proved you’re worthy of gaining your license, but once you’ve passed the test, then the real fun starts and the learning curve increases very steeply.

So, looking forward to the day, but also looking forward to starting training towards 2nd Dan which will take at least 2 years to get to!

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