Karate – another Belt

This time it’s Brown Belt with White Stripe – essentially just a level of Brown Belt on the way to Black Belt. I’m quite chuffed about this one – you see Brown Belt is a target that a lot of people set themselves, me included, as it’s achievable and seen as only one step behind Black Belt. In progressing to the next Brown Belt grade, I’ve carried on where many have fallen by the wayside.

I have my Black Belt grading at the end of November, and although it’s a 6 hour session, I am determined that I will get through it as long as I can stay injury free until then. I’m so determined that I’ve already committed to doing my 2nd Dan grading which could take another two years to get. But the way I see it is that Black Belt (1st Dan) is like learning to drive – you learn all the moves (manoeuvres), pass your test and then only when you’ve actually got your license do you start on the real path of learning.

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