6th Golf Lesson…now we’re making progress!

From doing my 1st lesson in March, and having a few too many breaks (OU and Festivals taking up my time), I’ve now done some more lessons.

And for whatever reason, today something clicked – recognising when you’re about to do something wrong before you hit the ball is quite a satisfying experience (as long as you bail out and don’t hit the ball!). When I did hit the ball with my trusty 7 iron, it was going fairly straight and covering the distance – too often I can do one or the other but never consistently getting both.

Today was different after I’d warmed up with a few shots – my driving was working well and I was quite satisfied that I’d put in a good effort and produced the desired results.

Things haven’t picked up as quickly as I thought they would though, and we’re still on the Driving range, but I’ve booked some 1 hour lessons now and a couple of short rounds of golf – we’re expecting to put all the learning together over the next few weeks with some practice on the short game, and then by the end of August we’ll be off round the course to do this for real.

Not sure why I didn’t try to learn to play Golf before – it’s quite an enjoyable challenge. Anyone who thinks it’s easy should try to play and then see how easy it is (or not) 🙂

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