Exam passed

After the madness of the run-up to the Exam, and the subsequent panic in the exam when I got to the last question and came unstuck with lack of OU concepts on marketing, I received my results and am pleased to say I have PASSED.

It was close, but it was always going to be with the issues faced in the six weeks prior to the exam – I actually scored quite well on the marketing piece that I thought I’d bombed on, and got lower marks on one of the areas I thought I’d do okay with. I guess that’s life for you 🙂

Hopefully this will be the lift I need to advance my career to the next level.

For anyone else embarking on this course (or its successor), just be wary of how much effort this involves, especially if you have a social life, family and/or other interests – they’re all going to suffer while you study!

For the next 6-12 months, I’m planning a study break to concentrate on Karate Black Belt graduation and learning to play Golf. Then I might do another OU course, but something with less study time required…

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