1st Lesson Done

Did my first 30 minute lesson at Ombersley Golf Club today. The Pro teaching me was a bloke called Ashley, who took me through the basics; lining yourself up, distance from ball, grip, stance, posture, swing.

Having paid for 50 balls, you’re given a receipt with a pin number on it. Enter the pin number into the machine and out come 50 balls into the basket. Nice and easy 🙂

Anyway, after going through the posture and swing part, I got to hit a few balls. Missed with the first go, after having done 4 good practice swings. Second go, and I hit the ball over 100 yards – I’m not into a full swing yet, this will come later on in the lessons. Main thing is to get the ball hit and the positiong and movement right.

A few more goes of varying success, correcting posture and swing, and making sure I’m keeping my head still, and I’m hitting the balls beyond the 100 yard marker and down the middle. The odd time I get it wrong, and Ashley is correcting the mistake and we’re off again.

With 25 balls left, the lesson is over and I’m left alone to hit them, without the coaching, but trying to remember what I’ve been taught. At the end of it, my back’s a bit sore and the upper part of my left arm aches, but I’m happy with what I’ve achieved so far.

So, first lesson done, 5 lessons to go (from this batch), and I think I’m going to enjoy this game. Got to go back to the driving range and hit another 50 balls before the next lesson though.

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